Are you feeling stuck? Unfulfilled? Or just plain bored? Do you have dreams of stepping into your true destiny? Are you tired of the corporate rat race? Do you have an overwhelming desire to be your own boss and take back ownership of your time and your life? If your answer is "Yes" to any and/or all of the above questions, then please allow me to help you.

Who am I?

I am Adrienne Thompson, Amazon Bestselling Author, Independent Publisher, and Entrepreneur. I quit my high-paying job as an RN in 2012 to pursue writing full time and I haven't looked back! As a self-employed individual, I cannot tell you how different my life is today!

What I found after becoming an entrepreneur is that before, I wasn't really living and enjoying my life. I was merely existing, slogging my way through week after week, looking forward to the weekend like it was my lifeline (and in many ways, it was). I kept close track of holidays and used my leave up every year, trying to steal times of freedom. I had a good job, but I was miserable in it. I wanted to be free of what I can look back on and truly see as bondage. Because that's what doing something you'd rather not do, day after day, really is--bondage.

In 2009, I rediscovered a talent for writing that I'd forgotten about and through this talent, I found my freedom. While still working as an RN, I began to write and self-publish my own books. In a little over a year, I was able to quit my job and live solely on books sale royalties. And it all happened because I took a chance and believed in myself. Of course, it wasn't as simple as that, but that is the foundation of becoming an entrepreneur--stepping out on faith and believing in yourself. But most importantly, I had to change my mindset from that of an employee to a business owner, from a follower to a leader.

My greatest desire is to see others FREE from the bondage of working a 9 to 5. I want to see others living up their fullest potential. I want to see others take control of their lives, their time, and their happiness.

You might not be a writer. Maybe you have a hidden talent for planning parties or events. Maybe you have an exceptional talent in crafting. Maybe you can braid hair like no other. Maybe your gift is motivating people with words of encouragement. Whatever it is, remember this: Your gift is for others, not for you. And by keeping it hidden, you are depriving them of a blessing!

So, are you ready to take the first step toward your true destiny? If so, CLICK HERE for updates about our Entrepreneurial Mindset Course!

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